Treja Beauty offers a range of beauty services, focusing on lasting results using the cleanest, most natural products available that still deliver a powerful and beautiful end result. We are located in a beautiful, certified sustainable salon in the heart of downtown Petaluma.

We are also an education center for Permanent Makeup Artists, hosting some of the worlds best educators. Check out our education page to see what classes are coming up.

Skin Needling / Collagen Induction Therapy

Skin Needling is a minimally invasive and non-ablative therapy for the face and body using a permanent makeup machine to create micro-injuries to the skin. Normal healing response begins immediately allowing your body to release serum that contains everything the skin needs to repair itself. Fine lines, acne scars, large pores and wrinkles are minimized. Color and texture can return to scars, stretch marks, and acne pitting. Discomfort and downtime are minimal.


$ 400 Regularly $500
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest treatment


Microblading is a form of permanent makeup where pigment is implanted in the skin with a manual tool. This creates incredibly precise and fine hair strokes that look like your real hairs, creating the most natural, full brow. Brow shape, color, and even hair thickness is customized, just for you. Touchups are recommended after 1 to 3 years to keep the color strong and the strokes crisp, as it softens with time. For some people, hair strokes may disappear completely with time, for others, the pigment just softens. Every persons skin is different, and therefore, the procedure holds up differently. Microblading is a two-part procedure, with an initial touchup happening at 8-12 weeks to layer more pigment in parts that need it. Click our Gallery to see more, and check us out on Instagram for more photos and videos!

Combo Brow

Microshading can be added to any microblading procedure to create a combo brow. Shading can add more depth and definition to a brow, or it can help blend your natural hairline into your microblading. You and Treja can decide together if shading is a good add on for you!

Henna Brow

A chemical free way to tint your brows. Henna is available in several colors and is entirely plant based, making it safe for those allergic to traditional brow tints, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Henna stains the hair for up to 6 week, and the skin for up to 2 weeks, providing a beautifully defined brow.

Saline Lightening

A+ Ocean Certified Technician Badge
Saline pigment lightening is one of the safest methods of removing ink from the skin. It happens in a very similar way to your original procedure. A hypertonic saline solution is implanted into your skin with tattoo needles. As your skin heals, the ink is released and pushes out through the healing process. Nothing but surgery can immediately remove all pigment in the skin, however, saline removal can effectively lighten, and in many cases remove all visible traces of ink in the skin, allowing for a new procedure to be done on top, or the skin can be left clean.

About your artist

Treja McClish is a beauty industry veteran of over 10 years. She is a makeup artist with extensive training and experience in print and commercial advertising, film, and event makeup. In 2017, she opened her microblading business in order to be able to offer a more long lasting service to her clients.

Her makeup artist training showed her how your eyebrows can completely change the shape of your face and how you are perceived. A good brow, built for your face and personality, can inspire confidence and Treja wanted to be able to give that confidence to her clients. And so, Microblading by Treja was born.

Headshot of owner, Treja McClish