Permanent vs Semi-Permanent

Theres a lot of mis-information out there about Microblading and all permanent makeup, when it comes to how long it will last in your skin. When microblading first hit it big, part of its popularity was that it was being touted as semi-permanent. “Wake up daily with brows for 3 years, with no permanent, long term commitment.” Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and its led people to make some poor decisions, that now will require removal.

super close up of microblading hairstrokes by Treja Beauty

Permanent makeup pigments ARE formulated differently than tattoo inks. This means that the color will break down in your skin much faster than a traditional tattoo ink. This ALSO means, however, that you get the gorgeous results you see in modern permanent makeup, vs. the blue eyebrows of old style permanent makeup. Typically, you will need a touchup in 1 to 3 years for brows. Thats why people are calling it semi-permanent. And yes, for some people, all traces of any pigment will visually be 100% gone in that time, but those people are definitely the minority. For most people, what this means is that the color is breaking down and fading, and brows are starting to look like a shadow of their original work. Your brows will never be virgin skin again, nor will the skin ever be completely bare again in most cases. 

brunette microblading on a naturally full brow

In my work, I spent a lot of time researching the products I use. I selected Permablend Pigments for all of my procedures. They are made by World Famous Inks, who have been around forever in the body art world and create a great product. 

They make permanent makeup ‘ink’ vs ‘pigments’. This means that there is a higher ratio of pigment particles to filler, so I get a longer lasting result. They’re also specially formulated so that they break down evenly, which means no weird color shifts down the road. If you look at the photos I share of my aged work, you will see that what started as a brown or blonde brow is STILL a brown or blonde brow a year or so down the road. The color is just softer and lighter. 

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