Now Offering Permanent Eyeliner!

Ever since I opened Treja Beauty, I’ve been getting requests for Permanent Eyeliner, and it’s finally here! Offering both Lashline Enhancements and Designed Eyeliner, we can customize either permanent makeup technique to fit your desires. 

Permanent Eyeliner is done over 2 sessions, 8 weeks apart. The pain is level light to medium, and we use numbing agents throughout the process to make it as comfortable as possible. 

Most people are great candidates for this service. However, if you use lash serums, they will have to be stopped for 1 full year before receiving permanent eyeliner, as these serums can thin the skin on the eyelid.

Lashline enhancements are a great way to add some effortless glam to your everyday style. Visit our booking page for more information or to reserve your appointment today!

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