“I just want amazing brows, what do the names all mean?!” Some answers to your questions

Microblading is the big buzz word that brought everyones awareness to how amazing permanent makeup CAN be on your brows. But NOW, theres microblading, powder brows, nano brows, ombre brows, brow feathering, brow embroidery, dazzle brows, dusty brows, machine brows, manual brows, combo brows, and I know theres more, thats just all I’ve got off the top of my head. Lets break it all down, its WAY easier than it looks. Lots of those are just different names for the same service.

Microblading: Microblading is specifically a hand technique that draws individual brows hair.

super close up of microblading hairstrokes by Treja Beauty

Its very natural and beautiful, and is one of the most limiting techniques as far as who is a good candidate for it. Other names for this technique are Brow Embroidery and Brow Feathering or Manual Brows.

Nano Brows: These are machine hairstrokes. Almost the same look as microblading, however, can be even more natural, and is good for far more skin types than microblading is, and is less traumatic to the skin. Why doesnt everyone do this instead of microblading, you ask? Because its a very advanced technique. Plain and simple, its HARD. But worth the efforts to learn and do. Other names for this technique: Machine Microblading, Nano Stroking, Nano Strokes.

Nano Needle: Nano can mean two things. A tool, or a technique. I’ve already describes the technique above, a nano needle is a tool that uses a very thin, single needle to work, its often more flexible as well. This type of needle can be used to perform MANY techniques.

Powder Brows: A soft fill of color done with a machine that heals to look like makeup, or a very soft shadow. This is a very flexible style that covers a wide array of potential end results, so I’ll get into the different styles of Powder Brow now.

  • Ombre: Darker at the tail than at the head. This can be ultra crisp and defined, or very soft and subtle.
  • Dusty/Dazzle/Pixel: Usually an ombre style, both tail to head, but also top to bottom. A crisper bottom edge, with soft pixelated color fill at the top. Healed results of this style often have a very soft top edge, sometimes fading away to nothing. Its very stylized.
  • Manual Shading: All of the above under Powder Brows, except done with a hand tool instead of machine
  • Block Brows: This refers to the older permanent brow techniques, where color is more evenly implanted through the brow, and more saturated. This looks more like a tattoo than the current advanced techniques.

Combo Brows: Any combination of a hairstroke technique and a powder technique. End results

vary from super natural, to very well defined and modern.

The best way to get what you want is to save pictures of your dream brows. Scroll Instagram, scroll social media, even better, scroll your chosen artists work, and save brows you LOVE. This will let your artist see your style preferences, and after they talk to you about your lifestyle and grooming habits, and see your bone structure and natural hair growth, they can help recommend what style will give you your desired end result. Going in with an end look in mind, vs. a particular brow technique will actually help your get your dream brows faster!

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