Lip Blush Class by Treja McClish March 8-10 in Cotati

Lip Blush Class Flyer

3 days of hands on training in a small class environment (4-6 students max). Work on live models, including their touchups, and get ongoing support. Lip Blush is one of the most in demand permanent makeup services, and will be a great addition to your options available to your clients. 

Heres all the details

Who this is for: artists who are already working in some form of permanent makeup (if you are a microblader, the machine and needles course the day before is required and will get you ready to use a machine in your class.)

What will I learn: Lip Blush heals to a natural result, defining lips and pushing color to the edge of lips natural border, making them appear fuller. Learn proper technique using multiple needle configurations, color theory, who is a candidate, and who is not, how to pick your inks for different effects, mapping the lips, and creating the perfect shape for your client.  (Lip Neutralization for melanin rich lips is an advanced skill that shouldnt be jumped into before you feel confident in your lip blush technique and healed work. )

Cost: $3500, with optional kit for an additional $200. Kit includes a full set of Evenflo Lip Pigments, and needle configurations for 10 clients. 20% non-refundable deposit holds your spot, balance due 2 weeks before class starts

When and Where: Class starts at 10am at Treja Beauty in Cotati, we go until we finish, and will have a lunch break from 1-2. There are lots of amazing food options in walking distance, or we have a fridge and microwave available if you prefer to bring your lunch. Model touchups are 8 weeks later! This will happen week of April 28, flexible dates that week. You also will receive 4 hours of 1 on 1 instruction time with Treja to be used within a year of your course. You don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve had some time to practice a skill on your own. This lets us fill in those gaps together. 

Requirements to complete the course and receive your certificate: Successful attendance of the full course and completion of 2 models in class, and 1 model touchup. After the course, you must submit your work on 2 models within 4 months. 

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