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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

  1. Does Permanent Makeup hurt? For permanent makeup, brows are a breeze Clients average a 2 on a 1-10 pain scale. Eyeliner clients average 2-5 for pain. Most say its more uncomfortable/hard to relax than it is painful. Lips are tender, 4-5 for pain on average, but nothing unmangeable. Skin is numbed before the procedure starts, then numbed again after the first pass to ensure comfort for the duration of your session.
  2. How long does it last? Permanent Makeup is often described as semi-permanent makeup. I feel this is misleading. When you are implanting pigment or ink into the skin in any manner, there is no guarantee how long it will last. Most brow clients will want a touchup between 1 and 3 years to keep their color crisp and defined as they will soften with time. Lips, 2-5 years, same for eyeliner and areola tattoos. For some people, they will eventually go away completely and for others, they will have some about of ink in their skin permanently. Every persons skin and lifestyle is different and affects longevity differently. Proper care of your permanent makeups will help get the longest lasting color.
  3. Are you going to shave off my eyebrows? No! You get to keep all your brow hair. We clean up the shape after designing your brow, but the rest of the hair stays on. In fact, its important in creating your brow so that we can follow your natural hair growth patterns to create the most natural looking brow for you.
  4. I had permanent makeup done before, but it needs a touchup, what do I book? If the color is just faded and needs a straight touchup, you can book an Annual Touchup – New to Treja Beauty. If youre unhappy with the color or shape, extra sessions or some removal may be required. If you would like to know your plan in advance, please book a Complimentary Consultation, otherwise, you can just book an annual touchup and we can assess at the session and come up with your plan.
  5. What is saline removal and why is it better than laser? Saline removal happens very much the way traditional tattooing happens, in that an all natural saline solution is implanted into the skin with needles. The salinity is such that the skin opens up and the ink molecules are released. As the skin heals, the ink comes out. In laser removal, ink is dissolved with a laser, and sometimes pushed deeper into the skin. Scarring is a common side effect of laser removal, but with saline, the condition of the skin is actually improved in some cases.
  6. Should I wear makeup to my appointment? It depends on the service you are getting.
    For Brow appointments please wear your normal makeup to your appointment so we can see how you style your brows.
    For Lip appointments makeup is not necessary. Feel free to bring a lipstick or a photo reference of a color you are looking to match to your appointment.
    For Eyeliner appointments please arrive with no eye makeup on. Feel free to bring photo references of styles of eyeliner you like.
    For Microchanneling and Plasma Fibroblast appointments please show up to your appointment with makeup-free skin.
  7. When should I come in for an Annual Touchup? An Annual Touchup is the appointment you make to bring your old Permanent Makeup back to life. It is not a yearly maintenance appointment, more of a periodic appointment, and there is no strict timeline for when you should come in. 1-3 years for Brows is standard, Lips and Eyeliner last longer. It is not necessary to book within that time if you do not feel like you need it. A good sign that it is time to book an Annual Touchup is that you feel yourself wanting to use makeup to enhance your tattoo more often than not.

  8. What do I need to do before my appointment? Our Pre and Post care page gives you all the information you need for taking care of your skin before (and after) your appointment to ensure the best healing process. Reading pre-care before you even book your appointment can help you pick when to book your appointment. Some common skincare treatments (like using retinols or getting Botox) require a time gap before getting your services, so read thoroughly! Prior to your appointment you will receive a text or email link with a digital copy of our necessary medical forms, please fill them out before you come in.