Treja Beauty is proud to bring some of the worlds best educators in Permanent Makeup to Northern California. All classes will be small with a limited number of students in order to provide hands on, quality education to each student. Classes are hosted in my studio conveniently located an hour north of San Francisco in the heart of downtown Petaluma.

We want to care for our community and bring up the level of all practitioners. Classes will be hosted for Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Manual Shading, Skin Needling and more.

If you would like to inquire about a class, or would like to see a specific class hosted, please email me at

Brow Mapping Class flier4 hour Advanced Mapping class. This class covers asymmetries in the bone structure and brow hair, mapping when there is no brow hair, refining your consult to understand what your client truly wants, and troubleshooting your mapping to ensure a balanced shape every time. This class can be one on one ($500) or a small group of 2-4 students ($400 each). Email me to book this class, scheduled on demand.

Powder Brow class by Treja Beauty flierHands on Powder brow training for experienced artists. Powder Brows are suitable for almost all skin types, and adding this option for your clients will allow you to serve even those for whom microblading isn’t a good option. 

For experienced artists already doing brow PMU of some kind, this class is 2 Days, hands on with models, 1 on 1 for $2200, or small group for $2000. 

Email me to book this class, scheduled on demand.

shadowing opportunity flier

Boost your existing education with a shadowing opportunity. 1-on-1 or small group (up to 4 students total). I’ll talk through my entire process as I work and answer your questions. Half an hour at the beginning and end will also be available for me to review some of your latex work, provide critique, or delve a bit deeper into any particular area you feel you need info on. This class is only for students who have been trained in the technique they want to shadow, either by myself or another instructor. This isn’t intended to provide base instruction, but to fill in the gaps you’ve found after taking your class and starting to practice on your own.

This class is available to be booked on demand.$250 for 1-on-1, $100 for small groups.

Email me to book this class, scheduled on demand.

Treja Beauty Education Center Blog

Finally Reopening! Wednesday June 24

I am thrilled to announce that I am officially reopening my doors as of Wednesday, June 24th, 2020. I am currently in the process of scheduling all appointments that were canceled after March 18, 2020 due to the Shelter-In-Place mandate. *If you are one of these clients, please allow us the next few days to contact you for rescheduling. Please contact me if you don’t hear from me by Tuesday the 23rd. I will be booking a limited amount of new clients per week as well and will publicly open my books as soon as I have reached out to all clients on my waiting list. I appreciate your patience with this process. Service Limitations due to county mandates: No Lip Tattooing (including touchups) Facial Microneedling is limited to the brow area only due to the need to wear masks As soon as these mandates are lifted, I will send out a notice to clients. I know some of you are waiting on lip touchups, I want to get them done as much as you do! New regulations related to Covid-19: All Clients and Artists are required to wear masks for the entire duration of the appointment. Occasionally, ink will

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“I just want amazing brows, what do the names all mean?!” Some answers to your questions

Microblading is the big buzz word that brought everyones awareness to how amazing permanent makeup CAN be on your brows. But NOW, theres microblading, powder brows, nano brows, ombre brows, brow feathering, brow embroidery, dazzle brows, dusty brows, machine brows, manual brows, combo brows, and I know theres more, thats just all I’ve got off the top of my head. Lets break it all down, its WAY easier than it looks. Lots of those are just different names for the same service. Microblading: Microblading is specifically a hand technique that draws individual brows hair. Its very natural and beautiful, and is one of the most limiting techniques as far as who is a good candidate for it. Other names for this technique are Brow Embroidery and Brow Feathering or Manual Brows. Nano Brows: These are machine hairstrokes. Almost the same look as microblading, however, can be even more natural, and is good for far more skin types than microblading is, and is less traumatic to the skin. Why doesnt everyone do this instead of microblading, you ask? Because its a very advanced technique. Plain and simple, its HARD. But worth the efforts to learn and do. Other names for this

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Treja Beauty is moving to Sonoma!

I’m super excited about this announcement! I’ll be adding days to my schedule and relocating my studio to Sonoma! I’ll now be located in an incredible studio, Tarot Arts and Tattoo Gallery. They have a stunning location (and parking lot!!) conveniently located on Highway 12. Shotsie and Kristine are the incredibly talented owners and they are already making me feel right at home. I met Kristine at a local entrepreneurs group for women, she approached me, and we both knew immediately that we needed to know each other. She is an intuitive tarot card reader, and a painter. Shes currently creating her own tarot card deck and they are GORGEOUS!! Shotsie has been tattooing for 42 years, and has an incredible porfolio as evidence of that. I’m amazed when I look through all his work. The walls of the whole building are covered in artwork by the two of them, and their joint aesthetic has created a perfect environment for me. I have absolutely loved all of my time spent at The Moon Room with my amazing ladies there, but this opportunity for growth fell into my lap that I could not pass up. My commitment to clean, healthy beauty

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