Permanent Makeup

For all types of Permanent Makeup, your look is customized, just for you. Color Boosts are recommended after a couple of years to keep the color strong and defined, as it softens with time. For some people, color may disappear completely with time, for others, the pigment just softens. Every persons skin is different, and therefore, the procedure holds up differently.

Permanent Brows

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup where pigment is implanted in the skin with a manual tool. This creates incredibly precise and fine hair strokes that look like your real hairs, creating the most natural, full brow. 

Nano Strokes are hairstrokes created with a machine. This is gentler on the skin than microblading and suitable for all skin types. 

Powder Brow is a soft, powdery looking fill of color done with a machine. The healed result can vary from super soft and natural, to more defined like makeup.

Combo Brow is hair strokes in combination with Powder. This is the most common style of brow I do, as it allows for the most natural looking end result.

Pixelblading is very similar to Microblading except that the strokes are tapped in, creating less skin trauma. This makes it suitable for more skin types. The resulting strokes have a slight softness to them that is beautiful. This is a great technique for skin that is resistant to taking color. 

Brow Pricing Ranges from $550 – $795 depending on style and artist, and includes a complimentary touchup at 8-12 weeks

Eyeliner Gallery

Permanent Eyeliner is available for the top and bottom lid. While most clients get black, colors can be customized to your liking. New techniques and inks ensure a beautiful, rich color that lasts.

Lashline Enhancement is a very subtle liner. It only fills the spaces between the lashes and is not visible on the lid.

Classic Eyeliner is a makeup style eyeliner. It can be a sharp, crisp line, a softer edge, like you would get with a makeup pencil, or a soft dusty edge that looks smokey. 

Shadow Liner is a soft wash of eyeshadow style color, focused on the outer half of the eye, paired with a classic liner. A little but of color here is really beautiful, but browns and blacks are equally stunning.

Liner Pricing Ranges from $400 – $750 depending on style and artist, and includes a complimentary touchup at 8-12 weeks

Lip Blush Gallery

Lip Blush is a permanent makeup procedure that heals to create a soft, natural looking flush of translucent color on the lips. Defining the lip edge and adding color creates a fuller and more youthful appearance and lasts 2-5 years.

Color can be bumped up a Lipstick effect for more coverage! Lipstick saturation looks best when worn with a balm or gloss, and lasts longer than a Lip Blush due to heavier saturation.

Lip Blush is $695 and include a complimentary touchup at 8-12 weeks. Lipstick saturation is an additional $100

Skin Needling Gallery

Skin Needling is a minimally invasive and non-ablative therapy for the face and body using a permanent makeup machine to create micro-injuries to the skin. Normal healing response begins immediately allowing your body to release serum that contains everything the skin needs to repair itself. Fine lines, acne scars, large pores and wrinkles are minimized. Color and texture can return to scars, stretch marks, and acne pitting. Discomfort and downtime are minimal.

Pricing varies by size of area being treated. Book a complimentary consultation to establish a treatment plan.

Henna Brow Gallery

Henna Brow is a chemical free way to tint your brows. Henna is available in several colors and is entirely plant based, making it safe for those allergic to traditional brow tints, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Henna stains the hair for up to 6 week, and the skin for up to 2 weeks, providing a beautifully defined brow.

Initial session is $50, 2 week maintenance sessions are $40

Tattoo Lightening and Removal Gallery

Saline pigment lightening is one of the safest methods of removing ink from the skin. A saline solution is tattooed gently into the skin. This dries the skin and ink out so that the body can remove it during the healing process. Permanent makeup and small body tattoos can be treated. I am trained in multiple techniques and products so the best one can be chosen for your needs. 

Tattoo removal is $175 per session and multiple sessions are required to achieve desired lightening. A consult must be booked before treatment is started.